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Bird Watching

24 May 2009
Cast of Characters.

Kestrel: Narrator. A 20-something self-diagnosed LAZY person with a love for reading, writing, and all things musical. After graduating with an Associate's degree at age 17, Kestrel took some time off to live in England for 6 months. Upon returning to the States, she struggled with (and still does) mental illness, regret, and low self esteem. After some Stupid Idiot Moments, Kestrel married Hawk and had a nightmare pregnancy before giving birth to Sparrow. Currently, Kestrel spends her time taking care of her family and trying to figure out how to get back to England as soon as possible.

Hawk: The 20-something husband of Kestrel and father of Sparrow. A computer programmer by trade, he puts up with both Kestrel and Sparrow's antics with surprising, almost inhuman patience. Hawk loves movies, watching LOST, eating at restaurants, and his family. Hawk is the oldest of 8 kids and lived in North Carolina for most of his life before moving to Utah. He has never left the country, which drives Kestrel nuts. He would love to visit Japan someday.

Sparrow: The offspring. Sparrow was born in late January 2008 after a pregnancy that nearly killed his mother. He was born at 33 weeks gestation, and weighed only 4 lbs. After a brief (3 week) stay at the NICU, he was able to join his anxious family at home. Now a healthy, happy, LOUD toddler, Sparrow loves to laugh, read and exercise his newly discovered walking skills. He also enjoys food. Non-stop. He would most like to visit wherever his mommy goes.

Bamboo and Panda: The cats, who are both very spoiled and very aware of it. They would not like to visit anywhere, but especially not the vet.

Join our narrator as she tries to handle life with a silly husband, a demanding toddler and two crazy cats, all while battling depression, social anxiety, and an eating disorder. Will she be able to rise above the clouds and soar? It is a mystery.

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