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Moving on up

26 May 2009
On Saturday, we are moving from our teeny tiny apartment to a beautiful townhouse. From the Salt Lake valley near the freeway to the mountain that divides Salt Lake and Utah county. The view is incredible. We'll be in an end unit and none of the rooms touch our neighbor's walls, so fingers crossed we won't get any complaints about loud little Sparrow.

I'm a little nervous about this move. Last year when we moved into the apartment, Sparrow was only a few months old. He stayed out of the way while we moved in and unpacked because he couldn't move yet. Now he's VERY mobile! In fact, as I type he's scaling the mountain of boxes piled in our corner. He's a fearless one, that's for sure!

I'm not really sure how to pack up either. Hawk and I have moved three times since we got married (sheesh!) so you'd think I'd be a pro at this, but I can't remember how I worked this out last time. Oh that's right - I didn't! Hawk ended up packing our whole house while Sparrow and I flew out to our new home.

So, how do you handle moving with a toddler? What can I do to keep him entertained and hopefully out of the way? And how do I pack all this stuff up? Why do we have so many clothes and dishes and pots and pans, and can I just donate it all to someone and start over new in our new home?

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