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18 June 2009
Tonight, as I sit alone (but for a particularly snuggly cat) in our wonderfully cool, peaceful basement, I yearn.

I yearn to be living somewhere near here (or at the very least, on an extended visit):

I yearn to have a body like this:

Or like this:

And in the case of the latter, for one of these (I already have a blue, so I'd like a pink, please):

But since I can't have any of those, I will settle for one (or 12) of these:

VaNIElla Squared cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakeshop.

Funny how eating them fulfills one of my yearnings, but completely nullifies the other.

1 comments to Yearning:

Corrine said...

I have been kind of out of the blogging loop for awhile. Love this post.

Casper is a sweet little dog as well.

Hope all goes well with the medical stuff you are dealing with sounds like a pain and I am sorry....maybe there is a reason the sterilization didn't work???

sorry harry potter was a disappointment....

and I know not all these comments go with this posting, but I read through them all and well anyway just wanted to let you know I was here.

Take care of yourself and man I could go for some of those cupcakes!