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Home again

27 July 2009
We're home! I can't believe how much Casper has grown since we've been gone, and Hawk can't believe how grown up Sparrow seems now. After a long day of travel, it's time for a good night's sleep. Sparrow and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow - an ankle check up for me, and a head check up for him.

Here's a picture of his injuries sustained from the Redwood fall. This was BEFORE the Great Jelly Belly Incident, which will be detailed in a later post.


26 July 2009
We're going to be home from our RV trip to the Oregon Coast tomorrow. We cut the trip a little short for a few reasons, but here is a great one.

On Friday we took a hike in a redwood forest. It was stunningly beautiful, and my parents, grandma, Sparrow and I were the only ones on the trail. Sparrow walked about half the time, but at one point I was carrying him on my shoulders, bouncing like a horse to make him laugh. The trail gave way beneath me and I fell down the mountain. As my chest hit the ground, Sparrow flipped off my shoulders and landed on his face.

My mom grabbed him and gave him to my grandma, then she and Dad helped pull me off the side of the mountain back onto the trail. Sparrow had a mouth and nose full of dirt and a scratch on his cheek and forehead, but was okay. I, on the other hand, sprained my ankle pretty badly.

It was quite an adventure. We then had to hike the rest of the way to the campground, about a half mile. It hurt! Sparrow's face should heal quickly. I hope my ankle does the same.

I have beautiful pictures and more stories to post, but it will have to wait until we get home.


14 July 2009
I failed my Essure test. I got a 50%. One of my tubes is blocked off, but the other is still free-floating. The nurse says it looks like the implant wasn't placed correctly. Coincidentally, the one that didn't work is in my left tube, which was the one the doctor had to tear open to try and get the coil to stay. I'm not sure what my options are now; I have to wait for the doctor to call, and I'm not so excited about that.

Sitting in Wal-mart after the test, cramping up hard and tired from the long day, an adorable little girl walked past. I teared up. Such a disappointment. I don't want to be sterile, I want to have another baby. But if I can't have another baby, then just let this be over with.

And I didn't enjoy Harry Potter very much because I was feeling so low and tired and hurty. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Gratuitous cute picture day....

13 July 2009
Tomorrow I have an appointment to see if I am officially sterile or not. It promises to be very painful (seriously, the nurse said. Painful.) Not looking forward to it. So tonight, as I squirm in terror, I'm posting cute pictures to keep my mind off things.

Sparrow pauses to study something on the TV.

Casper in his Service Dog in Training vest that I made. It's way too big, but he'll grow into it.

The little poop is camera shy.

He loves car rides!

Exhausted from behaving so well while we were out and about.


10 July 2009
I believe I've fixed whatever was wrong with the comments, so if you're so inclined, comment away!!

Family mission statement

I love reading Simple Mom. Tsh always has such wonderful posts and many things she's written have helped me survive the craziness that is motherhood! This week Tsh posted about creating family mission statements. Hawk has been on call this week, so we didn't have much time to sit down together and discuss what we wanted on our mission statement, so this is more of a rough draft.

As a family we are at our best when we are calm, patient and loving.
We will try to prevent times when we are overly stressed and not serving each other.
We will try to spend more time playing and reading together.
We will help each family member by being supportive and loving.
We will help others by serving in our church callings and being friendly to neighbors.
We will stop procrastinating and start working on: eating healthy, exercising, reading our scriptures, praying daily and attending church meetings.
We will be viewed as a family that is kind, close, and happy.
We will fill our home with love, respect and happiness.
We will make choices and decisions based on: kindness, patience, service, trust.
We will constantly renew ourselves by focusing on:
• exercise to keep our bodies healthy and strong, eating healthy meals at home together
• praying together, reading scriptures together, and attending all church meetings
• always striving to learn new things
• serving others

Our family goal for 2009 is to be sealed together in the Draper temple.

Seek ye diligently to establish a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.


09 July 2009
Casper can now sit, lie down, come, and "leave it" for 10 seconds.

Sparrow can now say "mama," "dada," "nana," "hiiiiiiiii", and "uh-oh."

Hawk is currently on call at work, the week EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WENT WRONG. Drama!

And I am anxiously awaiting my Essure followup appointment on Tuesday, which promises to be exceedingly painful and a little embarrassing.

July is not my favorite month, but at least my two babies are cute!
01 July 2009