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Gratuitous cute picture day....

13 July 2009
Tomorrow I have an appointment to see if I am officially sterile or not. It promises to be very painful (seriously, the nurse said. Painful.) Not looking forward to it. So tonight, as I squirm in terror, I'm posting cute pictures to keep my mind off things.

Sparrow pauses to study something on the TV.

Casper in his Service Dog in Training vest that I made. It's way too big, but he'll grow into it.

The little poop is camera shy.

He loves car rides!

Exhausted from behaving so well while we were out and about.

1 comments to Gratuitous cute picture day....:

Valerie said...

I thought I should pop in and comment on the blog instead of just leaving disturbing messages on the MB.
Hope all goes well today...and the pain is much less than expected!

And enjoy the movie!