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Bonding with television

14 August 2009
Hawk and I love to watch movies and TV shows together. We don't have actual TV, but for shows we like we either watch them on the Internet if they are still ongoing, or we rent/buy the shows that aren't. One of our favorite things to do when we get hooked on a new series is after Sparrow goes to bed, we come downstairs to the TV room, snuggle up on the couch and have a dinner-picnic watching as many episodes as we can stand before bedtime. We can't wait till Sparrow is old enough to hunker down on the couch with us. Here are some shows we love.

The Golden Girls.
I know it sounds weird; I also love MASH. I started watching The Golden Girls when I was 13 and have been in love ever since. I've probably seen every episode 10 times each, but I don't care. I love this show! Hawk bought me Season 5 on DVD for our first Christmas together. Season 5 has some of the funniest episodes ever. I made him watch a few with me, and that was it! He's hooked too. Now we have 4 seasons and turn it on every now and then when we need something familiar to laugh at.

The first few episodes of this were just okay, but after you get to episode 5 or 6 the series really picks up. I loved watching every second of Dollhouse and Hawk loved it too. We are so excited for season 2 and are so happy that FOX Networks pulled their heads out of their ***es and let Joss Whedon work his magic.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.
We just barely started watching this one two weeks ago and after we finished season 1, we immediately went out and bought seasons 2 and 3. Neither of us can believe a show this good was made on Nickelodeon. Avatar is an anime-like cartoon with lots of cute characters (both human and animal), lots of drama, a great storyline, romance, great humor and martial arts! We just finished season 3 this week and are both in awe of how great it was. I think anyone could find something to love about Avatar.

Of course. Back when Hawk and I were in college and not dating, I was kind of known around our circles of friends as the one who could hook you up with great shows on DVD. I owned shows like Firefly (also great) and the short-lived Miracles and my best friend and roommate and I would have movie nights often and invite tons of people over for marathons. Hawk got hooked on season 1 right before we started dating. At the time, I would download episodes of season 2 to my computer, so once we started dating he'd come over and watch the latest episodes with me. Right before the season finale, he had 7 or 8 episodes to catch up on, so he came over to get as much watched as possible the night before. That night I fell asleep on the couch and he pulled an all-nighter watching all of season 2! Lately I have not been feeling the LOST-love so much, but Hawk is still really into it.

We've taken a break from this show because it makes me go crazy stocking up on food storage, but we love it. Jericho is the story of a Kansas town and what happens with its residents after nuclear bombs go off all over the United States. It's a fascinating story, very engaging, and hooks you quickly. Of course, that means it was canceled (like all the rest of my favorite shows). There were 2 seasons of Jericho, and talk of a movie in the works. We are still on season 1, but I read the Wikipedia page on it because I couldn't stand waiting to find out what happens. I'm bad like that.

Honorable mentions: House, The Gilmore Girls, Frasier, Pushing Daisies, and Castle (we LOVE Nathan Fillion). We've also started watching X-Files (another long-time love of mine) and I plan on watching Fringe, seeing if it's good, and getting Hawk hooked on it if it is! One thing I love about my husband is that he likes all kinds of movies, even "chick flicks"!

What shows do you love? Have any recommendations? We're up for trying just about anything!

3 comments to Bonding with television:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Makes me remember the good old days when you got me hooked on "Smallville." You sure do have a way of hooking people! :)

growinginwonder said...

And you didn't tell me you were on here because why?

Valerie said...

Our latest TV obsessions have been "24" and CSI Miami (we actually watch all of the CSI shows). And AI!
I plan on finding all the previous seasons of 24 so we can "catch up"! I missed 6 whole years of it! What???
My daughter loves 7th Heaven reruns.
This was a fun post, got me thinking about all our favorites over the years.