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Got to be free

21 August 2009
Sparrow loves the outdoors. Loves being outside. He asks me approximately 2000 times a day to go for a "gock," which is "go walk." Since heat (and therefore summer) is my mortal enemy, I have a hard time giving into his request very often. But today we went out for a half hour and I let him run around diaperless in our "backyard," which is actually a bunch of people's backyards since we live in a townhouse.

He loves running around, and I love looking at that view. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. From our back porch, we can see all the way to downtown Salt Lake. It's awesome.

1 comments to Got to be free:

FluffyChicky said...

What a great view of the valley!

Wish I could run around diaperless. :)