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Singing along

24 August 2009
Today Sparrow and I attended a Music Together demo class.

These kinds of things are hard for me, because I have relatively severe social anxiety. Thus, if I am not perfect, and if Sparrow doesn't act perfectly, I get panicky. It's hard to let go. So when Sparrow screamed bloody murder whenever the music stopped, or tried to open the door to leave the room, or *ahem* soiled his diaper right as class started, I had some struggles.

But ultimately we survived, and even had fun. I signed us up to start classes in the middle of September. I feel it is important for Sparrow and I to be in a class because it's something we can participate in and work through together outside of our daily routine and outside of the house.

Music has been a very important influence in my life starting from the day I was born and I have always wanted to share the joy it brings me with my children. Sparrow seems to have inherited my musical aptitude, thank goodness (sorry Hawk, we love you anyway), and I am thrilled to have something I can share with him. Sparrow usually goes completely still when music starts playing, listens for a moment and then just continues listening or else starts dancing. If I turn music on during a tantrum, he will usually stop in mid-scream to listen.

Currently his favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Since I sing it approximately 10,000 times a day, it is now my least favorite song. I really need to think up new words for the tune! I don't have a favorite song because they are all my favorite, but my favorite lullaby to sing to Sparrow is "Suo Gan," a beautiful Welsh song. You can listen to it here on YouTube.

Music-talk aside, today has been somewhat grim. I went to the hospital today to get registered, have a blood draw and an EKG. The fact that I will be under the knife very soon is starting to worry me, and get in the way of plans I have in my beady little brain.

So much to do, so little time.

3 comments to Singing along:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

That class sounds cool. I should do something like that. Maybe I'll get to it someday. :)

kadusey said...

If you want to sing different words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, you could always try singing Baa, Baa Black Sheep or the ABC song. Same melody for all of them. I rotate through them until I'm sick of all three.

Leslie said...

Try "A-B-C-D-F-G"! Same tune!