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Surgery - The Long Version

26 August 2009
I am on some heavy drugs, so hopefully this story will make sense anyway.

Hawk and I stayed up till 4:30 a.m. Hawk wouldn't go to bed without me, and I really wanted to finish cutting up squares for a quilt I am making. We woke up at 7, left for the hospital at 8 and arrived at 9. I planned my funeral on the way to the hospital :)

We were taken to my hospital room and I changed into a roomy hospital gown and fuzzy slipper socks. I listened to Libera and played Zuma on my iPod and Hawk read. At 10:30 an orderly wheeled me down to pre-op. I said goodbye to Hawk at the door, told him I loved him and asked him to take care of Sparrow and the cats if I died. Then I said "Go eat something." The last words I said to my husband before I went into surgery. It amuses me.

I was pretty emotional in pre-op because I was all alone, with no glasses so I was completely blind. I was scared. And I still don't want this to be my situation. My doctor came in in the middle of me crying and was very nice. Everyone was exceptionally nice, actually. My last hospital experience was in Arkansas when I had Sparrow, and everyone was pretty grumpy and angry about the whole thing. My nurses here were so sweet and so caring.

The anesthesiologist came in and gave me some drugs to take away the anxiety, then wheeled me into the OR. They fastened everything on, blood pressure cuff, pulse-ox, EKG monitors, and the last thing I remember is having the oxygen mask placed gently over my face and the nurse holding my hand. Nothing like when I was having the C-section and the nurses were yelling and the anesthesiologist was pushing down the mask so hard it cut my face.

I remember waking up and being in pain. I remember crying and moaning and I remember especially asking--begging--for Hawk and also begging for my stuffed dog. Apparently I fell asleep for a half hour and when I woke up there was a wonderful nurse by my side.

She was so, so nice. I babbled on for an hour and she just sat there and talked to me. I'm sure I wasn't coherent, but she was so sweet and nice to just sit and talk with me. I wish I knew her last name so I could send her a thank-you card. She said that when I woke up I asked if the anesthesiologist was okay (when I was 6 I had surgery and as I was waking up I beat up my doctor. Oops.) and he was. I'm just so impressed she listened to me babble about everything under the sun for an hour. The only thing I remember solidly is asking her if she was LDS and telling her Sparrow's middle name; he was named after the former president of our church because he was born the night President Hinckley passed away. She was very reassuring when I asked for Hawk and my stuffed dog. She said I was in a lot of pain when I woke up, so I was on several different medications.

Yep, I was on at least 5. One of which was morphine. I have never had morphine before and I don't ever want it again! While I don't mind the sleepy feeling, it makes me itchy like nothing else! My poor face is about to be scratched off it itches so much! It also makes me hallucinate, which has actually been kind of fun.

I was taken back up to my hospital room about 2:00. Hawk was waiting for me and held my hand and hugged me and took care of me. He was so wonderful to me and very patient letting me babble on about everything. This is also where I was filled in about what happened in surgery. My doctor went and talked to Hawk while I was in recovery, so I never heard directly from him about what was going on in my body.

My fallopian tube is just fine. When I had my C-section, the left ovary adhered itself to my abdominal wall and was causing the weird looking shadows on the X-ray. He cut the ovary away from my abdominal wall and that should help fix things. Also, the metal coil from Essure never made it into that tube in the first place. Instead it has been trying to insert itself into my intestines or something. They took out the metal coil and clamped both tubes just to be safe, so I am now hopefully officially sterile.

Hawk and I both took naps in the hospital room from 2:30 to 4:30. Then the nurse came in and got me prepped for discharge. My blood pressure after sitting up for 5 minutes was 115/56, (write it in the history books people!) so I had to take it very slowly and carefully. I was also in some pain by this point so I was given more medication.

We were able to leave the hospital at 5:30. After stopping for a snack and drinks at Arctic Circle, we went to Walmart to have my prescriptions filled. Walmart only gave me half of my Percoset prescription because that was all the pills they had so I now have to call my doctor and get a refill. Argh. That was a nightmare that took about an hour.

We didn't get down to my mom's house till 8. Sparrow and I will be living here with my mom and dad and brother and sister. My grandma is staying as well and watching Sparrow during the day while everyone is at work/school. Sparrow was so thrilled to see me. It was so hard to not pick him up, all he wanted was for me to hold him. It was very validating because this week has been so hard for both of us. I missed him immensely today, and it looks like he missed me too. I won't be able to pick him up for at least a month. He is not going to be happy.

So that is the story. I am doing surprisingly well, but the anesthesia hasn't worn off and won't until tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see how I'm doing then. Since I wasn't allowed to drink after midnight last night, I am extremely thirsty. (Ever tried eating a cracker when your body can't produce any saliva? It was such a weird experience.) I also had to have a tube down my throat so I have a sore throat now and will likely have swelling tomorrow. But all in all, this is nothing compared to the pain and terror of a C-section.

Thank you for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. I was very blessed today because of them.

2 comments to Surgery - The Long Version:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

You're a trooper. I'm so glad you had good people by your side this time. It makes such a huge difference. I hope recovery goes well. I'll be thinking of you!

Leslie said...

SO glad to hear that you are doing okay. You are brave and wonderful!Hang tough.