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The Verdict

12 August 2009
August 26th. I'll be having the "easier" surgery (no hysterectomy, sad!) Something about a 6 inch incision, sticking a camera in there, doing a tubal and if the tube is bad enough he'll take it out.

I'm a little bummed I still have to keep all the girly bits (because really, is there a point to menstruation if you can't have kids? I think not.) But it's nice to have a date nailed down. And hopefully while they're operating they can take out the little metal coil that's causing troubles. When I exercise, move, roll over, and generally exist? It feels like there's a little knife stabbing me. Which, essentially, I guess it is.

I plan on writing a really awesome "My Experiences with Essure" post, but today is not that day.

Oh also, Sparrow blew bubbles in the pool at swimming lessons yesterday, and today while he was going around stealing everyone's rubber ducks he fell into the pool. It scared him more than anything, but he was only in for 15 seconds before I pulled him out, and I think he held his breath the whole time because he didn't choke or spit out water at all when I grabbed him.

2 comments to The Verdict:

FluffyChicky said...

That'll teach Sparrow to steal peoples' rubber ducks! :)

I am sorry that you still have to deal with having all the girly bits left in. That isn't nice at all.

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Although it may be a bummer, it's probably good you're not getting a total hysterectomy. My mom had one after her last kid and it really messed her up. Her body now produced no hormones and it took about 6 years to get the hormone replacement therapy right. May be just her, but anyways. Good luck with all that!

Sounds like you have a little fishy on your hands! Cute.