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A boy and his cat

14 September 2009

It's a lazy morning. After eating the last of the cold cereal for breakfast, we retreated to the playroom for knitting (me) and playing (Sparrow). But all those toys wears a boy out, and so after hauling himself ever-so-cutely up onto the couch ("up! up! UP!"), Sparrow asked to watch Baby Signing Time ("more? more?"). With the cat curled up close, Sparrow spent a half hour engrossed in the tunes of Miss Rachel.

But we should probably change out of our pajamas now.

2 comments to A boy and his cat:

kadusey said...

Is it bad that most of my mornings are like that, except sans knitting and sans cat?

FluffyChicky said...

Wait, are there rules saying you have to change out of your pajamas?! That sucks!!

Hey, where is my knitted beach towel? I wasn't kidding about that!