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But the world keeps turning

11 September 2009
High school sophomore. New school, new state. The bell rang and my table mate said something about planes crashing. I didn't hear her.

The principal came on the intercom and said something. I didn't hear it either; everyone was talking. Mr. Moser turned on the TV and I understood.

No biology that day, just staring and wondering and shock and terror and despair. I had just visited the Pentagon that summer. "I've been there, I've been there, I've been there." Silence in our normally rowdy classroom. The tower fell. Sickness.

Algebra was next. Hurried to class, not wanting to miss what was happening. My teacher wouldn't let us watch the news until after the lesson had been taught. Anger. The remainder of the day passes, a blur.

Terrified. After school I was locked out of my house, family nowhere to be found. It was a grey and rainy and yucky day. We were all scared terrorists would aim for Disneyworld next. I lived a few miles north of Orlando. Confusion.

My grandma told me once that she could remember exactly where she was and what she was doing when JFK was assassinated, when the Challenger spaceship exploded. I didn't understand what she meant then.

Eight years later, I do.

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