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For the love of a pony

28 September 2009
Today Sparrow and I took a trip to Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah. I had never been there before but saw on their website that they had a petting zoo AND a yarn store and I just couldn't pass it up.

Sparrow was very well behaved in all the shops we visited. I had him on his "leash" because sometimes he bolts and I didn't want him to break something expensive, but he held my hand most of the time and didn't throw too many tantrums.

Except when it came to the pony. Oh, the pony. Sparrow's pony was named Charlie, and boy did Sparrow love Charlie. He sobbed and sobbed and SOBBED when his pony ride was over. It was one of the most pathetically sad moments of his life. I'm glad he loved the ride though and I definitely will be taking him back for another pony ride next month, poor kid. I've also informed Hawk that we will need to buy Sparrow a pony for his 4th birthday. I don't think Hawk believes me.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful afternoon at the Gardner Village petting zoo.

He looks nervous, but I just snapped the picture at the wrong moment.

Trying to figure out how to get back onto his Charlie.

Giving the donkey a dental exam...

He decided every animal was a dog and barked at all of them.

Also, the goats tried to eat our diaper bag. I think they smelled the fudge.

"Hey Mr. Goat, whatcha doin'?"

Sparrow called every pumpkin a ball ("bop!"). It was pretty adorable.

We had a great day - but now both of us are exhausted! Time to hit the hay.


2 comments to For the love of a pony:

TopHat said...

I haven't been to the petting zoo part. I wonder how Margaret would take it considering she's afraid of animals. I'd love to go sometime, though!

Mama Michelle said...

Very cute! Mariana rode a pony at the fair and she absolutely loved it! I need to post pictures too!