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I found the camera cord!

18 September 2009
Just for fun, here are some assorted pictures of my wonderful little boy. We had his professional pictures done today and I can't wait to share them when they arrive in a few weeks! For the first year of Sparrow's life, we did professional pictures every 3 months. Once he turned 1, we decided to just do every 6 months. But I kept forgetting to make an appointment, so instead of 18 month pictures he has 20 month pictures. Oh well!

This is how I typically find Sparrow after quiet time is over: asleep or just waking up, surrounded by his books and snuggled with his favorite blanket.

We visited The Living Planet aquarium in Sandy, Utah over Labor Day weekend. Hawk and I really enjoyed it. Sparrow is a little young for it, so we'll go back when he turns 2 and see how he likes it then.

Nana (my mom) gave Sparrow this horse for his first Christmas. He loves it!

Nana sure has some great toys!

Sparrow had his first hair cut courtesy of his Great Grandma. His hair was so curly and beautiful, but I'm not a fan of long hair on boys. I really like his new short'n'sweet style. Sparrow's Nana sat on a chair in the living room and held him while Great Grandma snipped away. He held totally still for the whole thing thanks to...

Baby Signing Time!

Love this boy!

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