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Imagination post

08 September 2009
I have lost my camera cord, so this post will require your imagination.


These are the hats I knitted for Hawk, Sparrow and me for the winter time. Hawk and Sparrow's hats are matching navy blue and mine is white. The thing I like about these hats is that they have ear flaps to keep our ears warm and a chin strap to keep the hat ON the head. I plan on making mittens to match the hats, but haven't started that yet.


These are the dishcloths I have been up to my ears making. I am so sick of dishcloths! We have a color coded system now. Kitchen cloths are beige, general housecleaning cloths are blue and white, my wipe-down-the-machines-at-the-gym cloth is the ugliest black, gray and white, and our toilet cloths are peach. It's nice to have a system.


This is the pile of frogged (ripped out) yarn left from my attempts at knitting baby sweaters. I'm just going to knit some freaking baby blankets instead. I'm pretty sure the baby recipients won't care either way.


And this is a picture of my INCISION. HA! Weren't expecting that, were you? I have 3 incisions, one is in my belly button and thus not visible. Then I have two very tiny incisions right next to the belly button, about 6 inches apart. These incisions are maybe half an inch long. Makes me feel like a total whiner because outwardly I look fine. But let me tell you friends, when you have someone cut your ovary away from your uterine wall, IT HURTS. FOR WEEKS.

And on that TMI note, I'm off to finish knitting my stinkin' gym towel.

3 comments to Imagination post:

Jim Manning said...

So ... I don't normally get into a pain/discomfort comparison discussion across gender lines (mostly because the men lose that contest pretty quickly), but I do have to point out that this is a rare insight as a female you are getting: the sheer pain of having your gonads surgically adjusted (I'm referring of course, to a vasectomy), and to a lesser degree perhaps a small clue as to the sheer fun of gonadal impact ("gettin' hit in the nutz").

Now that being said, I will now fall on my own sword by saying I have never, nor will I ever have any clue as to the discomfort or pain involved in either carrying within nor having an entirely separate human being extracted from my body (a.k.a. pregnancy/childbirth).

Kestrel said...

Yeah but I've been through a surgical adjustment twice now. I think I get the point ;)

FluffyChicky said...

I want a knitted gym towel.