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Will you go out with me?

25 September 2009
Hawk and I try to have date nights at least twice a month. Sparrow usually goes to play at Nana's house, but sometimes Hawk's sister watches him too. Really, by the time date night rolls around, Sparrow doesn't care where he is going, he just wants a break from his parents. And um, vice versa.

We're pretty boring and rarely deviate from the normal pattern of dinner and a movie. We love food and we love movies, so it works for us. Sometimes we'll stop at a book store to browse (one of our favorite pre-Sparrow activities), but most of the time we're just lame.

Tonight we did something different. We went to see Jim Gaffigan, one of our favorite comedians, at Kingsbury Hall. Hawk and I have been quoting his routines at each other ever since I made him sit down and listen to Gaffigan 3 years ago. He's not squeaky clean, but he's also not dirty. I can only recall a couple of curses in his routines, and generally he stays away from gross stuff, which I appreciate.

It was lots of fun. Although we knew a lot of his material by heart, there were a couple of new things in there that had us rolling! It was kind of a neat experience too; I've never seen a stand-up comedian perform live before so it was a new thing for me. Still, I don't think we'll do that again. The seats cost over $80 (I nearly peed my pants when I saw how pricey they were) and I'd much rather spend the money on dance lessons or something (*hint*hint* Hawk.)

I'm looking forward to when Sparrow gets to be a little older. We'll still go out on date nights then of course, but there won't be so many things I want to cram into one night because I can't do them normally. Like I would love to go see a play every weekend, or go ice skating, or there's this pianist I would love to see in concert someday (Jon Schmidt, Hawk. *hint*hint*) When Sparrow gets older we'll be able to do much more and I won't have to worry so much about "we have to do this for date night or I'll never be able to do it again!"

Do you have date nights? Do you have a standard dating routine? What do you do?

3 comments to Will you go out with me?:

De Anne said...

Date nights are one of those things that I feel are critical to the success of a marriage. I think it is fabulous that you have a regular date routine!

We go out every Friday. (sometime due to schedules we shift to Saturday, but that is pretty rare). Nonetheless we don't miss a week.

We too are not creative. Always dinner, and a little something else. Last night was Pizza and walking the mall. Some nights it's a picnic at the park. Conversation is a must and so is laughter. Keep it up!

TopHat said...

We decided to forgo date nights the next 7 months to facilitate McKay's graduation and finishing his thesis. While it won't be the best thing for our relationship- it'll be worse if we have to stay in Provo longer than expected because he didn't finish his thesis.

Valerie said...

We try to go out every week. My youngest is 8, so I am past the "needing a babysitter" stage. But, even with older kids, it's not always easy! :)
We are boring and usually do dinner and a movie. At least it's a break from the daily grind!