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Beautiful and terrifying

14 October 2009
I am trying to implement a week day schedule for Sparrow and me. For example, Monday is grocery day, Wednesday is library day, Thursday is music class day, Friday is cleaning up day. Tuesday is Trip day. Last Tuesday we took a trip to Sundance for a hike. I heard Stewart Falls is a good hike for a toddler, and decided that we should go.

BAD IDEA. I would love to go next year, but much earlier in the season. The path was very wet and snowy and muddy even though it was sunny. Sparrow was determined to run down the path as fast as he could, and with certain death to one side and his propensity to trip... well, we cut the hike short. As in, we made it about 200 yards and quit. There's always next year.

The scariest part was the ski lift. Sparrow did well on the way up, but he did not want to sit still on the way down. It was easily one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Also, the boy screams so loud it's a good thing it's not avalanche season. Yikes. Still, I think we both had a relatively good time, and it was neat to see Sundance before it's covered in snow. I usually ski there at least once a year and it was fun to recognize hills that scare the crap out of me when I'm flying down them on two planks of plastic.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while Sparrow was not trying to jump/fall to his death.

Mommy and baby on the ski lift!

Sparrow wasn't quite sure what to think of the snow...

Like I said, cold, wet and scary!

But it was absolutely beautiful. Next year I hope we make it before all the leaves fall off the trees though

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