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08 October 2009
Sometimes my awesomeness is simply SHOCKING.

I read four books tonight: Boot Camp, How I Live Now, Kit's Wilderness,andMilkweed. The longest was about 350 pages, the shortest was about 200. Yes, from 8 pm to 2 am I did barely anything else, but it was WORTH IT.

(And by barely anything else I mean I also did the laundry (3 loads), the dishes, and made soup for dinner tomorrow.)

I am so cool.

The books that I've read are on my Goodreads page which is linked on the right side of this blog. I review almost everything I read nowadays, but books I read a while ago often don't have a review. Also I did not review Milkweed because I didn't feel like it.

1 comments to Brag:

Mrs. B said...

I'm so excited you have a goodreads! I'll have to add you, I just wish I knew how to make my reviews a little longer without going into detail about the book. It's too simple to say it's good, it's great, I liked it I didn't like it - etc. One day I'll be a better reviewer, one day. I'll add you on GR!