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I'm famous!

09 October 2009
I was on TV today!! Sparrow and I went to the Baby Expo in Sandy, Utah. There was a TON of neat stuff and I only wish I had $10K to spend on all of it. And a newborn to dote on, of course, as I really didn't find too much for two year olds.

Anyway, as we were strolling along, Sparrow slurping on a sucker he got for being so cute, Brian Mullahy from KUTV Channel 2 News introduced himself and asked if he could ask me a question. He asked what I thought of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize.

I'm not exactly thrilled about it - I mean, yay for Obama and all, but he hasn't really done anything to earn the honor yet. They filmed me talking about it and filmed a shot of Sparrow (but since he was slurping all over his sucker, he wasn't as cute as normal) and that was that.

I went to my parent's house to watch the news to see if I was on (we don't have TV) and 10 seconds of my interview made it on the news!! I'm so cool!

I'm the one interviewed after the guy, the third person on there before the Catholic priest. Bummer they didn't mention my name, oh wells.

Famous Kestrel!

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