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I've been replaced.

03 October 2009
Sparrow's new favorite person is his Music Together teacher. He did not leave her side the entire class yesterday. He danced the flamenco with her. He flirted mercilessly. He cried when she stopped singing. He begged her to hold him.

He left me sitting all by my lonesome in the corner, babyless.

I incubate this little ingrate for 7 months, barfing the entire time, only to have him ripped cruelly from my belly after he nearly kills me. Then I find out that he caused* a hole to form in my heart so I can't have any more kids. THEN he decides to abandon me and go love on his teacher, who he has known for all of 30 seconds, and scream when she tries to direct him back to me. His mother.

I am so hurt Sparrow. So, so hurt.

*He didn't cause it, the pregnancy did. But it's more fun to say that it's all his fault.

3 comments to I've been replaced.:

Mama Michelle said...

Do you sing to him? My kids enjoy me singing whatever to them even though my singing voice sucks :)

Its good that he likes his class and teacher though! He still loves his mama best! They always will, except when they are like 15 haha.

Kestrel said...

I sing to him but I wish I had done more singing when he was littler! He does love music of any kind and it definitely calms him down when he gets upset. The other day he was in the middle of a full on tantrum so I switched on his "playlist" on my iPod speakers and he stopped screaming immediately and just listened. It was awesome and hilarious and a little weird.

Mama Michelle said...

That is adorable! My kids love music too :)