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Let's Analyze

26 October 2009
After taking a break for a bit, I've been trying to build up a year's worth of food storage. Last year with all the economic doom and gloom I got a little carried away buying stuff, but I've been sticking with a "system" that is working really well: only buying $20 worth of food storage a week. But I am having kind of a rough time keeping track of everything I have.

Which is where the Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer comes in. I admit, it was kind of a pain in the butt having to guesstimate on some of the amounts in cans I get, because I have a lot of things that aren't Emergency Essentials brand. But overall, I LOVED this tool. I have entered all my storage items in here and it's saved! Forever! Which means I never have to re-inventory if I just add as I buy/rotate!! IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE!

We're actually doing better than I thought. We have almost 3 months worth of food stored, which is great! Now I just have to keep plugging away with my $20/week plan. I really do love Emergency Essentials and their products. I find their freeze dried food to be awesome and really well priced. Last year I bought cans of freeze dried chopped onions, carrots, and celery and it was a lifesaver when I needed to make a quick dinner! Throw it in a pot of chicken stock with a can of chicken and heat up and it was FABULOUS, with hardly any work.

Which is awesome, because I am nothing if not lazy.

So try the Food Storage Analyzer, because it really does make keeping an "inventory" easier.

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2 comments to Let's Analyze:

FluffyChicky said...

I am glad that you have food storage going on. So, does that mean that I can come to your place and pig out when the Apocalypse comes?

Kestrel said...

Totally. Pretty much all I have stored thus far is cake mix. No frosting though, so we'll pretty much just eat the batter or else the cake plain. It'll be great.

We'll be the only people in the world to get fat during the apocalypse!