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Not a fun week

28 October 2009
This week I've been struggling with pain medication withdrawal, a weird cold that's lasted two weeks, exhaustion that won't go away, and a tantrum-y, molar-cutting Sparrow. And since I went off the pain medication, the constant soreness and cramping is back.

I'm not performing at my best and thus there are many moments that have happened recently that I'm not proud of. Yelling, crying, throwing things... sadly, I've behaved more like a 2 year old than Sparrow.

Mommy guilt is no fun. So many sources say to let go of the guilt, I'm doing the best I can, but what to do when I don't feel like I'm doing the best I can? I know that I could be doing much more than lying on the couch while Sparrow watches Berenstain Bears and Signing Time.

I'll console myself with knowing that my cold seems to be clearing up, I was able to get a new prescription so the withdrawal isn't going to be as bad, when I'm dead I will rest, and Sparrow's tooth can't taunt me forever. Tomorrow is Music Together, something Sparrow and I are both excited and grateful for. Hawk will be attending this week's class, and Sparrow will be dressed up in his Halloween costume for the class!

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