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Birthday surprise!

03 November 2009
I'm turning 23 this week, and while I'm not thrilled about it I've decided not to truly panic about being old until next year :)

Hawk gave me my birthday present a tiny bit early. Tonight we dressed up in nice clothes, dropped Sparrow off at my friend's, and went for a drive. We ended up at the Sandy City Hall and Parks and Cemetery Offices. Were we watching a town meeting for my birthday? Nooo. Were we going to go grave-shopping? Noooo. Were we ghosthunting? Nooooooo!

It was better than all of those things combined!

For the next 4 weeks, Hawk and I will be taking ballroom dance classes! I am so excited! I have always wanted to learn how to dance and am looking forward to some romantical evenings in our living room dancing our hearts out. Tonight we learned some of the foxtrot.

I'm totally uncoordinated so I can tell this is going to take a loooot of practice, but what an awesome birthday present!

(And Hawk said he even has another little present for my actual birthday. I love that man.)

5 comments to Birthday surprise!:

De Anne said...

What a great, fun surprise! You are so lucky.

TopHat said...

Happy Birthday! I wish McKay knew how to dance- he even took lessons in college but says he's "forgotten."

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome birthday present! Sounds like tons of fun.

Dionna said...

Happy birthday! 23 is SO not old (says the 34 year old).
My hubby and I took some ballroom dance this year - it was really fun, even though I have two left feet. :)

Kestrel said...

TopHat, DH took ballroom dancing in college too, which is why he was able to not fall all over himself the other night! We are the world's two most uncoordinated people. Poor Sparrow.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I AM very lucky :) And I'm excited to finally know how to dance!!!