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My Faith Monday - Missionaries

16 November 2009
Today for My Faith Monday we are going to talk about missionaries. In the LDS church, young men usually serve a 2 year mission when they turn 19. I asked Hawk once why he served a mission, if it was because his family expected him to, and he said "no, it was because I knew the Lord expected me to."

A few months ago we had Sparrow's picture taken with him dressed as a little missionary.



I'm planning on showing him the pictures and talking about what a missionary does and how he serves people and teaches them about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how we can be missionaries by being examples. I might pull out Hawk's copy of Preach My Gospel (a missionary manual). I'd like to read it anyway, and he should too (Preach My Gospel went into effect the day after Hawk was released from his mission.)

We run into missionaries at Walmart a lot, mostly because we practically live at Walmart, so this will be a good lesson for Sparrow. We also have a cousin serving his mission in Peru right now, so I am stepping up my effort to learn Spanish and teach it to Sparrow so we can talk to Elder Cousin when he comes home. I tried to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish once. I learned to say "to smite." It is "golpear."

2 comments to My Faith Monday - Missionaries:

Darrell and Alissa said...

What a great idea to have his picture taken- and what a handsome little boy!

FluffyChicky said...

What a sweetie!