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New Moon and surgery

20 November 2009
Surgery went well today. I was in the office, put under, and leaving the office in an hour exactly. I was numb up till my eyes when I first woke up but the numbness has decreased to just the spot under my nose. I can tell I'm going to have one mother of a bruise soon though. I am also growing a beautiful purple spot on my hand where the surgeon tried for 10 minutes to get a needle in and couldn't. And yeah, that was one of the more painful needle sticks of my life.

I'm a little obsessed with anesthesia so it was neat to be able to feel it actually start taking over this time - it started in the back of my head and went forward. And I was only under for 20 minutes, so I didn't get too drugged.

Not supposed to eat anything that requires CHEWING for one week, not supposed to have any salt for a week. Both of these rules have already been broken, much to Hawk's chagrin. I'm being careful, but I'm not living on broth and pudding for a week. I'd kill for some pizza and Chinese food though, which I really can't have because of the acidity.

We went to see New Moon tonight because Hawk's work gave us tickets for a 5:00 pre-showing. So we saw it 7 hours before it opened, how cool! It was good; better than the first movie, not as good as the books. They really did a disservice to Robert Pattinson by showing Taylor Lautner shirtless so many times though. By the time it got to be Edward's turn for showing off his torso, it was kind of a bummer. Hawk, pretend I didn't say that :-)

Tomorrow Sparrow and I are going to a museum, we hope. In the evening it is Hawk's work holiday party. I hope I can get away with chewing a tiny bite of steak.

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