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Sparrow's Halloween

05 November 2009
I'm going about this all wrong. I'm supposed to post Halloween pictures, THEN talk about my birthday. Oh well.

The first thing we did on Halloween was to visit Gardner Village. We've been there once before and thought it would be nice to go back.

They had cute animatronic witches all over the Village.

Sparrow was kind of having a tough day.

We went over to look at the ponies. While Hawk went to get money for a pony ride, Sparrow alternately stared at the kids riding the ponies and cried because I wouldn't let him climb the fence to get to a pony.

Hawk and Sparrow are concentrating so hard. Again, when Sparrow's ride was over, he had a crazy meltdown of anger, sadness and HAAAATE.

So we took him into the petting zoo, where he ignored the cow,

poked the goat,

and the pony.

We stopped at Walmart for some things, and while waiting for Hawk to get a hair cut we checked out the fishies. Too bad our cats would eat fishies, because Sparrow stood motionless checking these guys out for ten minutes.

Motionless. Ten. Minutes.

We finished out the day at Nana's house with cupcakes. Sparrow looks kind of Parisian in this picture with his cupcake mustache and his "'at."

Then it was off to the mall for (failed) trick or treating (mall was out of candy), and finally a late bedtime.


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