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Zoo Trip 2009

25 November 2009
We finally made it to the zoo!! It was very empty and I have never been in the winter so I didn't realize the carousel and train would be closed, sad. Sparrow and I still had fun though. First, we were almost eaten by a cougar that thought Sparrow was a tasty morsel.


We watched the Mommy and Baby elephant eat and play for a little while.

We watched the Mommy and Baby giraffe eat and play too.

The bear stuck his tongue out at us (Sparrow barked at him in response.)

Sparrow liked the tigers...

and the small cats...

but his favorite thing was the slide.

P.S. Sparrow had on a set of long johns plus his warm knit hoodie and overalls, and we ducked into enclosed exhibits every few minutes so he didn't get too cold. On the other hand, I may be a permanent icicle.

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