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A message from Sparrow

23 December 2009

Hi, it's me, Sparrow. I'm getting ready to spend Christmas with Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, and my aunt and uncle. And Nana and Papa's doggies and kitties. We are going to have so much fun! I can't wait! We will probably watch a lot of Little Bear, since that is my favorite show, and we will probably eat lots and lots of yummy food. Do you like my Santa outfit? I like it because it has Santa, and when I see him on my shirt I poke his beard and say "ho, ho!" Mommy thinks that's funny. She also thinks it's funny when I wear her boots. I like to wear them whenever I get the chance - they make great clomping noises on our floor!

We've gotten almost 8 inches of snow the last two days! I got to ride in my sled while Mommy pulled me around yesterday. We stopped after a while because Mommy got tired and was breathing funny and staggering and saying something about me being too heavy. Silly Mommy, I'm not that heavy! Well, I have to go help shovel the driveway now. Have a happy Christmas!


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