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Poor Sparrow

07 December 2009
Today Sparrow slipped and fell on his head on a hardwood floor. He cried so hard he started choking. Then he threw up. First time he has ever thrown up, apart from normal baby spit-up.

Poor kid :(

4 comments to Poor Sparrow:

Erika said...

Hey it's Austynsmommy from Itno! Someone posted a thread about members who haven't been on in a while and I decided to track you down. Here you are. Toby is getting so big! He's gorgeous and almost 2! Where has the time gone? I hope things are going well for you. We miss you at Itno! Glad I found your blog though. I am due with baby 2 on May 26 and have already been put on bed rest for high blood pressure. I was on full bed rest over the weekend now only on the partial "take it easy" bed rest. Dr says she won't worry too much until after 20 weeks and if I'm still having high readings she says she will intervene more.

Valerie said...

Awww, poor little guy! Hope he's feeling okay today!

TopHat said...

Margaret does that fairly often. It's why I don't let her cry on her own- I know she'd end up throwing up and that makes me sad.

Kesstrel said...

Aww poor Margaret. I grabbed Sparrow right after he fell and was holding him. I remember clearly that I had a feeling he was going to puke, like I could hear it sloshing in his stomach or something, but I didn't say/do anything to get ready so I got puked on. It was delicious. I kept my cool though, because I am awesome.