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This is hard.

09 December 2009
Sparrow is sick for the first time ever. That we made it this far is pretty amazing considering he's a winter-born preemie baby and I never was very good at staying inside during cold season.

Hawk had this crap last week and I'm trying hard not to be mad at him for getting Sparrow sick. The only reason I don't have it is because I was on antibiotics after my mouth surgery and they are still in my system.

Sparrow has a runny nose, sneezes, deep pathetic cough that makes him cry, and a sore throat. He's not eating much, but he did enjoy pumpkin cookies for lunch today (with real pumpkin, hopefully there are some vitamins in there.) His hoarse little voice is so freaking sad.

It's been a very emotional day. I can't stand that he is sick and it makes me cry to see him hurting and sad. I spent $60 on medicines for him today - ibuprofen for the pain, a medicinal grade honey syrup with lemon for the cough, Calms Forte to help him sleep tonight, vitamin C gummies, and some immunity blend yogurts. I hope he will get over this soon; having a sick toddler is scary, sad, and frustrating. At least he doesn't have a fever.

1 comments to This is hard.:

Valerie said...

Oh, I'm sorry he's sick! Hopefully it will pass quickly and he'll be back to his normal, spunky little self!