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26 November 2009
This year I am thankful for:

  • Health insurance
  • Hawk's amazing patience and his wonderful personality
  • Sparrow growing up just a bit - I am now enjoying being a parent more often than not
  • Our beautiful home
  • My friends
  • My extended family and their graciousness, kindness and generosity
  • The Holy Spirit and the yearnings it gives me to do better in all my works and to return to my Father in Heaven someday
  • Hawk's job and my freedom to be a stay at home mom
  • Books
  • Knitting
  • Pie
  • Ad infinitum

Even though 2009 has been the hardest year of my life, I am able to look back and see all the ways in which I was blessed even during the trials. I have a truly amazing life and I don't appreciate it as much as I should, honestly. I hope to work on developing humility and gratitude, but I don't know if I can ever truly express how grateful I am for the wonderful life I lead.

Zoo Trip 2009

25 November 2009
We finally made it to the zoo!! It was very empty and I have never been in the winter so I didn't realize the carousel and train would be closed, sad. Sparrow and I still had fun though. First, we were almost eaten by a cougar that thought Sparrow was a tasty morsel.


We watched the Mommy and Baby elephant eat and play for a little while.

We watched the Mommy and Baby giraffe eat and play too.

The bear stuck his tongue out at us (Sparrow barked at him in response.)

Sparrow liked the tigers...

and the small cats...

but his favorite thing was the slide.

P.S. Sparrow had on a set of long johns plus his warm knit hoodie and overalls, and we ducked into enclosed exhibits every few minutes so he didn't get too cold. On the other hand, I may be a permanent icicle.


20 November 2009
Today Sparrow was running around. He turned toward me and started running over, only to trip and land in a full-on split. He looked at me, unsure whether to laugh or cry. I started cracking up, because it was hilarious. So he started giggling, stood up and threw his arms in the air and cried "YAY!!!!!" It was a perfect gymnastics moment.

Our Christmas packages have started arriving. I am so excited for Christmas this year. Sparrow's Christmas Eve jammies arrived today, as did my parent's and grandma's presents. I got a birthday card from some nice ladies at church too. I can't wait till Sparrow's Holiday Outfit comes - it is going to be so cute. Expect a bucketload of picture spam.

Although I have somewhat of a dilemma. I ordered him a black coat from The Children's Place. It's a good casual/dressy coat, and it looks nice and warm. But then on Wednesday I found a coat at Dillard's - and this coat is CUTE. It's dark brown with a kind of furry fabric, a hood with bear ears and bear paw pockets. It is so darling, and I know I am running out of time to dress Sparrow in cute animal themed stuff. I really miss newborn clothing for that fact alone. So I think I will take back the black plain coat, just because he'll have plenty of time for boring black coats later in his life. This coat is cute, and will last two years. And he's just so snuggly in it!

Hawk's work holiday party was tonight. It was nice. Everyone got a nice board game as a present, and the CIO of the company talked for a while and said that the company is doing amazingly well and is growing and doing awesome and no need to worry with the recession. Phew! Hawk loves his work, and I am so happy he does. His company has treated us so well over the last 18 months - almost as well as Walmart did when he worked for them. (Anyone who says Walmart is a bad employer hasn't heard of what wonderful things they did for us.)

All in all, we had a good day. Sparrow and I didn't make it to the museum, but maybe next month we will. I checked out my lip in the mirror today and it is totally black. No wonder I'm still numb in spots. Not really hurting, but still swollen and boy, do I ever miss chewing! I am stuffed from potatoes and broths and puddings but still want to eat because I miss that chewing feeling.

Have I mentioned how excited I am for the holidays?

New Moon and surgery

Surgery went well today. I was in the office, put under, and leaving the office in an hour exactly. I was numb up till my eyes when I first woke up but the numbness has decreased to just the spot under my nose. I can tell I'm going to have one mother of a bruise soon though. I am also growing a beautiful purple spot on my hand where the surgeon tried for 10 minutes to get a needle in and couldn't. And yeah, that was one of the more painful needle sticks of my life.

I'm a little obsessed with anesthesia so it was neat to be able to feel it actually start taking over this time - it started in the back of my head and went forward. And I was only under for 20 minutes, so I didn't get too drugged.

Not supposed to eat anything that requires CHEWING for one week, not supposed to have any salt for a week. Both of these rules have already been broken, much to Hawk's chagrin. I'm being careful, but I'm not living on broth and pudding for a week. I'd kill for some pizza and Chinese food though, which I really can't have because of the acidity.

We went to see New Moon tonight because Hawk's work gave us tickets for a 5:00 pre-showing. So we saw it 7 hours before it opened, how cool! It was good; better than the first movie, not as good as the books. They really did a disservice to Robert Pattinson by showing Taylor Lautner shirtless so many times though. By the time it got to be Edward's turn for showing off his torso, it was kind of a bummer. Hawk, pretend I didn't say that :-)

Tomorrow Sparrow and I are going to a museum, we hope. In the evening it is Hawk's work holiday party. I hope I can get away with chewing a tiny bite of steak.

My Faith Monday - Missionaries

16 November 2009
Today for My Faith Monday we are going to talk about missionaries. In the LDS church, young men usually serve a 2 year mission when they turn 19. I asked Hawk once why he served a mission, if it was because his family expected him to, and he said "no, it was because I knew the Lord expected me to."

A few months ago we had Sparrow's picture taken with him dressed as a little missionary.



I'm planning on showing him the pictures and talking about what a missionary does and how he serves people and teaches them about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how we can be missionaries by being examples. I might pull out Hawk's copy of Preach My Gospel (a missionary manual). I'd like to read it anyway, and he should too (Preach My Gospel went into effect the day after Hawk was released from his mission.)

We run into missionaries at Walmart a lot, mostly because we practically live at Walmart, so this will be a good lesson for Sparrow. We also have a cousin serving his mission in Peru right now, so I am stepping up my effort to learn Spanish and teach it to Sparrow so we can talk to Elder Cousin when he comes home. I tried to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish once. I learned to say "to smite." It is "golpear."

A boy and his sled

13 November 2009

Surgery, again.

11 November 2009
For the last 8 months I've had a little lump under my nose, above my lip. It's hard, but moveable. The dentist had no idea what it was, so he sent me to see the oral surgeon. I told the oral surgeon it was an alien microchip. He agreed.

Seriously, he has no idea what it is, so he wants to remove it. Currently I am scheduled for surgery next Thursday. I think we will probably reschedule for after Thanksgiving though.

3 surgeries in a year. Man, I am so glad we have insurance.

Happy birfday to me!

06 November 2009
What a great day! We hosted playgroup this morning and that was fun. My friend Dove took us out to lunch at a delicious Indian buffet (Gulab Jamm pastry things = amazing) I talked with my grandma for an hour and a half (after talking with her for an hour yesterday; I love how we can just chat about everything and have the best time doing it), then took Sparrow to Nana's house for the evening.

When I got home, Hawk was waiting outside and wouldn't let me go in the house. He took me to dinner at Archibald's. It was delicious! We talked and talked for 2 hours. That's where I celebrated actually turning exactly 23 years and 0 minutes.

At home, I walked in the house with my eyes closed. Hawk turned the lights on dim and when I opened my eyes, I saw that he had set up our tent in our living room! We have never been camping and were talking about how we really want to go when Sparrow gets older, so Hawk took matters into his own hands. We turned on the fireplace, turned off the lights, and turned on my iPod to a "Ambient Rain" soundtrack I have. It was SO cool! I can't wait to go to sleep tonight.

I also got packages, emails, and letters from people very dear to my heart today. It was especially awesome to get an email from my sister in Alabama. Oh okay, and the Ancient Gnome of Alabama (you know who you are!) and his Young and Beautiful Wife too. Thanks guys, you rock!

And in a Happy Birthday gesture from the universe, a thank-you card from my friend Bethany and a bunch of clothes I ordered last week from CJ Banks arrived too. (Also a bill from the IRS but I'm ignoring that.) What great timing! AND we went to the dentist yesterday for the first time since my pregnancy of Barfing Doom, and guess who had no cavities? (And Hawk had six, neener neener!!)

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. I had a blast and am looking forward to 23!

Sparrow's Halloween

05 November 2009
I'm going about this all wrong. I'm supposed to post Halloween pictures, THEN talk about my birthday. Oh well.

The first thing we did on Halloween was to visit Gardner Village. We've been there once before and thought it would be nice to go back.

They had cute animatronic witches all over the Village.

Sparrow was kind of having a tough day.

We went over to look at the ponies. While Hawk went to get money for a pony ride, Sparrow alternately stared at the kids riding the ponies and cried because I wouldn't let him climb the fence to get to a pony.

Hawk and Sparrow are concentrating so hard. Again, when Sparrow's ride was over, he had a crazy meltdown of anger, sadness and HAAAATE.

So we took him into the petting zoo, where he ignored the cow,

poked the goat,

and the pony.

We stopped at Walmart for some things, and while waiting for Hawk to get a hair cut we checked out the fishies. Too bad our cats would eat fishies, because Sparrow stood motionless checking these guys out for ten minutes.

Motionless. Ten. Minutes.

We finished out the day at Nana's house with cupcakes. Sparrow looks kind of Parisian in this picture with his cupcake mustache and his "'at."

Then it was off to the mall for (failed) trick or treating (mall was out of candy), and finally a late bedtime.


Birthday surprise!

03 November 2009
I'm turning 23 this week, and while I'm not thrilled about it I've decided not to truly panic about being old until next year :)

Hawk gave me my birthday present a tiny bit early. Tonight we dressed up in nice clothes, dropped Sparrow off at my friend's, and went for a drive. We ended up at the Sandy City Hall and Parks and Cemetery Offices. Were we watching a town meeting for my birthday? Nooo. Were we going to go grave-shopping? Noooo. Were we ghosthunting? Nooooooo!

It was better than all of those things combined!

For the next 4 weeks, Hawk and I will be taking ballroom dance classes! I am so excited! I have always wanted to learn how to dance and am looking forward to some romantical evenings in our living room dancing our hearts out. Tonight we learned some of the foxtrot.

I'm totally uncoordinated so I can tell this is going to take a loooot of practice, but what an awesome birthday present!

(And Hawk said he even has another little present for my actual birthday. I love that man.)