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First Craft Attempt

04 January 2010
A few weeks ago, Sparrow and I tried to make salt dough handprints for all his grandparents.


He wasn't sure about being up to the counter like this, it kind of freaked him out.


Once he figured out I wanted him to get his handprint in the dough, he was very cute trying to be helpful.


All done! We give up!


The finished product. They pretty much all looked like ... well, not good. So we threw them away and will try again another day. Sigh.

My score as a mom is totally going down after this. Craft Attempt Status: FAIL.

4 comments to First Craft Attempt:

TopHat said...

You are brave to try crafts already! I'm still waiting for Margaret to get bigger before I give her anything more complex than a sheet of construction paper and a crayon.

Kestrel said...

We haven't even tried to color over here yet. I know the beastie will just eat the Crayon. Sigh.

Valerie said...

Wait, we're supposed to do crafts with our kids? Who said??? :)

One of my favorite little crafts my daughter did in nursery one year was a wreath made of handprints... (hand dipped in green paint and then pressed on a white washcloth, then finger tip in red paint for the berries). So cute and I love it! It has a ribbon hanger and I hang it up every year...and she is 19 now...
But...it's something I would never have attempted! Thank goodness for primary nursery! :)

FluffyChicky said...

Crayons are good for kids. They clean the digestive tract right out. Right? :)