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Our Home I

13 January 2010
Once upon a time, my house was actually mostly clean. So I grabbed my camera to document this rare and exciting time. I'll be posting every so often with different spots in my home.

Today I am featuring my bedroom, because that is where I spend most of my time right now, between the hacking and the coughing and the dying.


We inherited this beautiful brass bed and the nightstands and lamps from my grandma when Hawk and I got married. The bed holds a lot of childhood memories as I used to spend every weekend at my grandma's house and slept in that bed with her. I remember I used to have to take a running jump to be able to climb into it.

Someday I am going to finish the quilt I am making for our bedroom (in light blues, whites and browns) but that day is not today. You can see my Bamboo cat on the bed, and my stuffed wolf who I looove (her name is Silver and I made her at Build-a-Bear in September.) Those awesome reading pillows we got at Kohls. They were originally $40 a piece and I got them for $2.40 a piece. That's pretty much my deal of the century.

The door in this picture leads into the walk-in closet. Not pictured is the master bathroom which has the biggest shower I've ever met.


The other side of the room, featuring our laundry corner and the beautiful dresser my grandma gave us.

And that is our bedroom. Expect more photos from our home coming up later. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. You just never know.

1 comments to Our Home I:

Ariana said...

$2.40? You are not kidding about that being the deal of the century! Woah!

That is quite a bed. I love that you used to have to run and jump. Cute.