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2010: The Year of the Metal Tiger

06 February 2010
I like astrology. I'm not super into it or anything, but I like reading the descriptions of different Zodiac signs. I also really like Chinese astrology. Maybe I wouldn't like it so much if I wasn't born in the year of such a cool animal.

I'm a Tiger. A Fire Tiger. A Fire Tiger born under Scorpio. In other words, I freaking rock. Tigers are passionate, intense, emotional creatures. Scorpios are too. Tigers are really lucky. They can also be somewhat vain.

Tigers tackle everything in their lives in brief bursts of energy, collapsing afterwards in a heap of exhaustion. Yep, that sounds like me. A Tiger’s meanest enemy is the damage he can inflict upon himself in the midst of a temper tantrum. Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a depression. Criticism from loved ones can also generate this type of Tiger reaction. Yep yep yep.

Tiger parents are quite similar to the characters of their wildlife counterparts. They lavish their offspring with treats and spoil them with generosity. Tiger parents can be fun as kittens, playing family games and getting great enjoyment from it. Still, adult Tigers will become enraged if one of their children has gone too far, or is disrespectful. As open-minded and liberal as they are, they will not, under any circumstances, tolerate bad manners, or a lack of respect for other adults.

I pretty much copy-pasted all this information from here. 2010 is the year of the Metal Tiger, which I thought was pretty cool. Makes me wish I could have another baby this year - I would love to have a little girl born in October, a 101010 Tiger baby!

Hawk and Sparrow are both Pigs - Sparrow was born just before the year of the rat came around. Hawk is a Taurus Water Pig and Sparrow is an Aries Fire Pig. Pigs dislike illegal behavior, discord, and not having anything to eat. Pigs are great workers and very dedicated, always willing to help. When a pig marries, he is in it for the long haul and will be a wonderful and supportive partner.

Pig parents are dedicated to their children and would do anything to protect their family. They are affectionate and loving.

Pig children are enjoyable to be around and quick to laugh, and are always making new friends. Pigs are generally very easy-going.

What year were you born in? What sign were you born under? Does your horoscope fit you? Are you an awesome Fire Tiger too?

2 comments to 2010: The Year of the Metal Tiger:

ButtonGear said...

If I looked it up right, I THINK I'm a Yang Earth Monkey (12/20/68). I wonder if that means anything.

Valerie said...

Aquarian Fire Horse...and nothing in the description fit me! :) Not one single thing, lol!