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And so it begins.

01 February 2010
Today I started a new diet. It's not really a diet-diet, like South Beach or whatever. It's a Lifestyle Change.

I just want a freakin cookie.

But on this Lifestyle Change Diet, I am off carbs and sugar and basically grains. Until I am over my addiction (and let's face it, SO ADDICTED) to all the bad stuff.

Actually, it hasn't been too hard today. Except for the one moment in Whole Foods when I saw their black and white cookies and whimpered. But I held strong. Bwah. I also had two sips of Hawk's apple Tango (a British soda, we are out of Tango now so I can't be tempted anymore.) I forgive myself though because Tango is made with real fruit juice and no chemicals.

At least it's better than Diet Coke, okay?

So today I have eaten 4 pineapple chunks, 2 hardboiled eggs, 2 teeny tiny chicken legs and half a teeny tiny chicken breast, a cup of grapes and pineapple (SO GOOD OMG), a pound (yes, seriously, I was starving!) of asparagus mmmmm, four small mushrooms, 8 small shrimps, half a cup of corn and half a cup of broccoli. Oh and 4 beef jerky sticks.

Wow, writing it all out like that makes me feel somewhat piggish. But seriously, I'd give my left ankle for a cookie. That's the crappy ankle, by the way. But actually, I think I'll just have an apple later tonight. If I get hungry again, because right now I'm pretty darn full. And I've felt really great today, all things considered. Pretty decent energy levels, and I haven't felt sick even once (and that is unheard of for me.)

I also swam at the gym for an hour this morning, burning approximately 1000 calories. And I have had 150 oz. in water, which is my recommended daily amount. Man, I am going to float away.

1 comments to And so it begins.:

Mrs. B said...

I started my new lifestyle this week too! Hopefully I'll stop saying this week and this will be the first and last time. I've done okay - but it is extremly hard - but keep going, you can (I can, we can) DO IT!