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Betcha didn't know I'm a stalker.

18 February 2010
A while ago, I decided to stalk Jia from Color Me Untypical. Oh yes I did. I read all of her blog entries on all of her blogs. I was working on gearing up the courage to plead with her to be my friend when fate threw me a bone.

I won a giveaway. And I had to email Jia to claim it.

So I did, and I admitted to being her stalker. And it is all documented here. And now I am semi-famous on the Internets, at least for a day.

I will be opening a stalker-seminar later this month for all you stalker wannabe's out there.

I love Jia, I really do. I think we could be best buds if she would just move to Utah because there's no way in Hell I'm moving to Hell New Mexico. Or any of those Southwest type states. Nope. Jia is an honest blogger - refreshingly honest. She admits to having her own mental issues and I'm impressed that she is willing to write about them so candidly. Whereas my mental issues are hiding on a separate blog. Her relationship with her husband is adorable and sweet and funny and a little weird.

And she's just awesome.

And that is why I stalk her. Regularly.

So there.

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