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Family Portrait Week 1

16 February 2010
I've been meaning to do this starting the first week of January, but I kept forgetting. On Sunday, though, I finally remembered - oh yeah! Weekly family pictures!! And not only did I remember, I actually took a minute to figure out the self-timer on my camera so we could get a picture of us all at the same time. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Next thing you know I'll be developing my own film.


February 14: Sparrow's Biblical counterpart was talked about during Church, but since he was screaming I had to take him outside the chapel so we missed that lesson (and am not sure if the dude they were talking about was the bad one or the good one.) I had a very soul-soothing experience talking with the bishop and received a beautiful Priesthood blessing from him. Hawk brought me special stem-dyed daisies that are just beautiful. We had a delicious dinner of veal, spaghetti, and banana pudding with tangerine Italian soda. Sparrow sucked down the soda in thirty seconds flat. I am never buying veal again. We watched a cartoon about Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead. Sparrow learned how to say "Mary," "Joseph," and "friend." Nobody died and we had a fairly decent, calm and peaceful day.

Sparrow has decided that everything he wants is "mine," and everything he wants and can't have is a "toy." Thus, when I caught him pulling the knives out of the silverware drawer today he cried "toy! toy! mine!" I can hear him now playing with something he probably shouldn't and saying "My, my, my car my toy." (Don't worry, the knives have been put away until we can get a lock for the silverware drawer. Why are adhesive locks so much more expensive than drill-the-hole locks?)

In the time it took me to write this post, Sparrow has rearranged my entire kitchen. Clearly I need to learn to write faster.

3 comments to Family Portrait Week 1:

K La said...

You ate Veal? You ATE baby lamb? You ate a BABY?

Kestrel said...

No, I ate a baby cow. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Actually it tasted like pork, so I will likely never eat it again.

FluffyChicky said...

Babies are tasty. I actually like veal very much. Cows are here for us to eat...why does it matter how old the thing is. :)

And I like the family portrait. Cuuute! And I really like the picture frame thingy behind y'all.