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Humans suck.

02 February 2010
Sometimes, I really, really hate the human race.

I love wolves. Words cannot express how much I adore wolves. I have always loved them and pretty much know as much as a non-wolf-park-ranger person can know about them. I think they are beautiful and majestic creatures and I have always identified with them. I remember being devastated to find out that wolves didn't live in Utah when I was a little girl.

Guess what? Wolves live in Utah now.

And yet some idiot senator wants to vote to get wolves taken off the endangered species list, so people can go out and kill them. For fun. Or for "protecting the livestock."

I get that some people have a legitimate reason to dislike wolves. I understand that wolves do attack sheep and cows and stuff. But to take wolves off the protected list just because of this one fact - NOT because wolves are attacking people or coming into the cities or wreaking havoc and causing the Apocalypse? Screw you, Mr. Senator.

I'm not a tree-hugger by any means, but I do think that humans are total dipshits for screwing up the natural habitat of so many animals. Dude, just let the wolves (and the elk, and the deer, and the bunnies, and the dodos) live in peace. Honestly, what is so hard to do about that?


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2 comments to Humans suck.:

The Margin Wight said...

I love wolves too, because they can hunt as a pack and bring down caribou and other larger animals. I would love to know how to make the sounds in wolf-speak that mean, "you go left, I'll go right, and we'll come around down by that big rock and trap him in the dry gulch," to which the other wolf replies with a wolfish snigger, "Yeah that sucker's going down." How do you say all that in wolf? That's what I want to know.

K La said...

Have you read Never Cry Wolf yet? That will really make you hate humans.