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People of the world, thank you.

11 February 2010
Today was just awful. At least, thus far. But my interactions with people today have been amazing.

I ate a bad (read: sugary) dinner last night and so I couldn't function this morning. Not even a tiny bit. So I overslept and we missed Sparrow's music class. He was very upset about the whole thing. So was I. We were going to be late to antigravity yoga, so I was stressed and rushed.

When I opened the baby gate at the top of our stairs, Sparrow stuck his hand in the latch just as I opened it and it ripped the skin off his finger. It bled everywhere. We didn't have any Band-Aids, so I wrapped a napkin around it and we headed to yoga. I called on the way to let them know I was late. When I got there, Mr. Mulder (yes Aunt Owly, that is his real name) was SO nice and helpful with the whole thing. He couldn't find any Band-Aids either, so we wrapped Sparrow's finger in gauze and taped it on.

Sparrow went to day-care while I hung upside down from the ceiling and tried to de-stress. I love Antigravity yoga. Afterward, we went to the grocery store to buy some Band-Aids, only to realize that I left my debit card at home in an effort to save us money. And the Walmart Visa card I keep in my dashboard was out of money, because apparently they charge you $3 a month and I only put $20 on there in case of an emergency and we haven't had any yet. CURSE YOU, WALMART!!!

So we drove and got the debit card, Sparrow crying all the way. At one point he screamed so loud it literally shut my phone off and my phone wouldn't turn out. (Later I discovered my phone was just out of batteries, but still, it was scary and frustrating!) We finally got Sparrow some Band-Aids, now we're just working on leaving it on his finger.

The nice lady at the grocery store gave him THREE cookies because he was such a good boy and had had such a bad day. Then I took him to Burger King to get him some French fries, because he hasn't had any all week and I figured he deserved some today. Of course, BK charges $1.82 for their stupid small fry and I only had $1.38, which I discovered at the drive-up window. I told the kid "sorry, I don't have enough," and he said "oh just give me what you have, it's okay." And so Sparrow got his fries after all.

Thank you, thank you Harmon's Grocery Store and Burger King Employee. And Mr. Mulder from Imagination Place. We appreciate you helping us out during our most horrible day in recent memory. Blech!

3 comments to People of the world, thank you.:

如此的 said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

Megan said...

Hey, this is Megan (from London) reading your blog! Love it. And wouldn't you know that I worked at Imagination Place for a few months?! With Mr. Mulder and Ms. Casanova. What a small world!

Momnerd said...

I love the title and little ditty on your header! I am a music girl myself. I had a day similar to yours today. A big broken mirror, trip to the emergency room with one of my twins....thank goodness there is tomorrow.

Oh, and I am very interested in this antigravity yoga. Can you tell me more?