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Crazy crazy busy

29 March 2010
It's been a nutty week and a half. Dove has been visiting for a week and will be here until Friday. We took a short trip to southern Utah (St. George) and it was insanity. Never again will I attempt to stay in a hotel room with a 6 month old and a 2 year old. In fact, next time? I'm getting my own hotel.

But we've had fun all things considered. Today Dove and I did antigravity yoga and lucked out - we were the only ones in the class! So it was like getting a private lesson. I did awesome today and was brave enough to try swings, inversions, and positions of all sorts. It was very exciting. I highly recommend this form of yoga to, um, everyone. It's amazing.

Now for a bunch of pictures, again.


Sparrow and his Nana, driving the "official" UCAS car


I walked around the temple the other night and had to snap this picture.


This is our neighborhood last week when it was SNOWING while the sun was shining. I was very upset about the whole thing.


Here are the four of us in St. George in front of the temple.


Cool car at Walmart.


Oh St. George. I love you.

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