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It's all fun and games.

06 March 2010
Alternate Title: The Best Saturday Morning Ever


The Batteries Were Dead, to Begin With.

So. Last night, my friend Owly was playing a video game and it made me want to play a video game. Owly is awesome and I pretty much stalk her in an attempt to make her awesomeness rub off. (Don't worry, Jia, I have room in my schedule for multiple stalkings.) So I pulled out The Force: Unleashed which, coincidentally, Owly gave me for Christmas. And I played. And played. And suddenly it was 3 in the morning. So I went to bed.

At approximately 5:39 I am having a somewhat scary dream involving evil Sith, rancors, and a lightsaber. The clock strikes 5:40.


Fire alarm. Nope, not a real fire. One of the batteries must be getting low.

Pardon me while I change my sheets. That was terrifying.

We've never lived in a house with fire alarms like this before. The kind where ALL of them go off if just one of them has a low battery. Cute! Whoever thought this up was a genius! And why, exactly, do my little alarms ALWAYS feel a need to run out of battery in the middle of the night? Can't you go to the bathroom BEFORE WE LEAVE THE HOUSE?!?!

Suffice to say, two hours later we had a house with circuits turned off (guess what? fire alarms DON'T CARE if your power is off, they run on batteries! Silly us!!), every fire alarm disassembled, batteries flung out the windows, a whiny Hawk who has declared his intention to move to a fire-alarm free area, and a Sparrow who slept through the whole damn thing. How?! My ears STILL hurt. Dear. God.

So what I am saying is, I went back to bed around 8.

Sparrow woke up at 9.

It was very clear with just a tiny peek from my sleep-crusted eye that Hawk was not getting up to feed the hungry offspring. Ah, motherhood.

It's gonna be a fun day.

2 comments to It's all fun and games.:

Nisha said...

You are hilarious!

annie valentine said...

So good to meet you, if it makes you feel any better I don't seem to need fire alarms. My daughter has been waking me up ON THE HOUR for the past week. Just wait till Daddy gets home, kidlet.