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A day of Awesome.

30 April 2010
Today more than made up for the seven shots on Monday (still not over that, by the way.)

Today I got lucky enough to be a volunteer at BYU Women's Conference. This is a two day conference that hosts around 60 gazillion women (an estimation) each year. There's lots of different classes on lots of different topics with lots of different speakers, and its basically made of awesome. I was able to attend in 2007, but haven't been able to go since. I attended classes on Thursday and then today was working hospitality in one of the buildings.

Just being able to attend was amazing, but being able to volunteer was even better. I tried to smile at everyone who came by, and was even able to help a random student who came to our building looking for the Nursing advisement center since I was just there two weeks ago. The classes I was covering were small, so during the last one I was able to sneak out and visit the BYU bookstore where I met...

G.G. Vandagriff and her hubby David Vandagriff! I was thrilled because I have actually been in touch with GG and talked with her a little bit about depression and stuff. I felt like a total stalker, but I was so excited to meet the Vandagriffs and put faces to their names. Brother Vandagriff wrote the best book on the Atonement of Christ that I have ever read, and it seriously changed my life. Squee!

I was also able to find a new (to me) author, Rachelle Christensen. She wrote a suspense novel called Wrong Number and I just spent the last few hours trapped in it. It was really fantastic, and it was also just really neat to meet another writer. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about getting into writing as well, so that was awesome.

Then I got to meet Lisa Mangum, who wrote The Hourglass Door. I read it several months ago, but I remember it kept me up all night. I could not put it down! I would say it is like Twilight, if Twilight had been well written and also way more awesome. As a side note, apparently The Hourglass Door is coming out in paperback next week and will be at Walmart, so buy it!

And THEN I was able to get a beautiful picture of Christ signed by the artist, Liz Lemon Swindle. Hawk can't get mad at me because you can never have too many pictures of Christ. Oh my yes. And THEN I got interviewed for BYU-TV. And THEN when I got home, Sparrow was so happy to see me he practically flew at me. And THEN I got to have Chinese takeout for dinner and ate it while reading. It was an awesome day.

But I left out the best part.

The best part is: I parked on BYU campus in the graduate student parking without a sticker of any kind. I knew I would get a ticket, but I parked there because there was a spot and I was very, very late. I resigned myself to paying the ticket later on in the day. When I left campus, I plodded to my car and peered at my windshield, searching for that neon green envelope of doom.

I didn't get a ticket today.

Pretty much? It was the best day ever.


27 April 2010
Yesterday I got seven shots in my lower abdomen.

I've been cramping since I had the tubal in August. That's eight months of cramping. Nonstop, painful, owies. So I went back to the doctor and he shot me up in seven places with a mixture of lidocaine, a bicarbonate and one other medication. Hopefully this numbing concoction will loosen up and/or numb my muscles so they aren't contracting so painfully.

(Did you see that? That was my attempt to sound like I know what I'm talking about.)

Meanwhile, we're currently experiencing 60+mph winds in my neck of the woods. Lots of dust. Dusty dust. Dust that has infiltrated my house and now my nose can only smell dust.

Thus far, this week isn't going very well.

A good day.

16 April 2010
Today was pay day. HOORAY!! We got to buy milk, and bread, and gas, and birthday presents for Hawk (his birthday is at the end of the month) and maybe a cookie or two. Phew.

It was a nice day outside (72F) so we opened our glass door that leads onto our deck. Sparrow was so excited he barreled straight into the screen door and knocked it down. It scared him, so he cried for about 1 minute and then he sniffled, tried to pick up the door and said "door broken, I fix it!" It was so cute.

Once the door was back up, Sparrow came over to me and said "Mommy, hands?" He gently took both my hands and led me outside. He did the same to Hawk. Then he went back inside and got Panda and Bamboo, the cats - "kitty, hands? Let's go! Let's go!" We all sat on the deck and talked and Sparrow danced and laughed and played and we enjoyed the springtime air. Panda jumped off the deck and landed on his face (he's fine.)

We played outside till it was bedtime. I love springtime.

I also love this giveaway, but don't enter it because I want to win! I have never had anything even remotely resembling a makeover before (I don't even know how to put on makeup - no really. It's sad.) so I totally have my fingers crossed on this one. This is a new-to-me blog and I really like Lola's writing style. Plus her photography is incredible. Oh, and her little boy is just about the most incredibly adorably handsome child I have ever seen. Those eyes. Sheesh!


14 April 2010
Hopefully everyone who reads this blog has had tight times at one point in their life... otherwise, stop reading now, or you won't be able to empathize with my whining!

Last Thursday we ran out of money. It would have been okay, except that we overdrafted the account by $4 so now we have an overdraft fee. Rats! I had just gone grocery shopping, so we had plenty of food, and we didn't have anywhere to go so gas wasn't a problem.

But it's been hard. Psychologically, knowing that you have less than no money is killer. I mean, I've done this before (back when I was in college, I sucked at doing money things, so I was almost always in the red.) But it's been 3 years since I was living like that, and I kinda forgot how mentally draining it is. Just knowing that we can't even go to McDonald's and order off the dollar menu was killing me.

Sparrow and I stayed home this week because I didn't even want to leave the house, knowing that we couldn't really do anything. It was cold up till yesterday, and our gas was pretty low so I didn't want to drive anywhere. So we're bored, stir crazy, and hungry! I did get to make some pretty delicious and healthy meals, but sometimes I just want some freaking French fries!

Yeah, I'm not afraid to say it. I'm Kestrel and I'm addicted to fries.

I have a wonderful friend, Owly, who took pity on Hawk and me last night and ordered us a pizza. Then this morning I found $8 in various places around my house and car! I have never felt so rich. Sparrow and I split a chicken nugget kid's meal from Wendy's and we are both thrilled to death. It was the best thing I have ever tasted. Tomorrow we get paid, and I am so relieved. It will be nice to be able to drive again.

Hopefully after this month we won't have to be so careful, but yikes! I know I am for sure going to be more careful with what I spend my play money on, and hopefully we can build a buffer up pretty quickly. I have definitely learned that I can survive without going somewhere every day, and we're just fine if we don't go to the grocery store 3 times a week. And now that it's warmer, we should be able to go do free things, like play at the park or at least go for walks. Phew! Really though, I'm just glad this week is over.

Yes, I know there are starving people in Africa who live without French fries their whole lives. I know there are people who have never even seen a car, let alone be able to drive one. Yes, I know I am an entitled, whiny wuss. Don't remind me!

My how times have changed

09 April 2010
I've been thinking lately on how old I feel. It's been six years since I graduated high school. Here I am, married with a two year old. Um, when did I become an adult? Yuck.

I have a hard time with this transition. Every once in a while my heart rebels. I want to be 18 and crazy and single and childless again, because sometimes I really do miss it. Hawk is an amazing husband and father and I love him, but I also miss the freedom I used to have, that I don't think I'll get back till Sparrow is grown. Bummer.

Anyway, I had a friend in Florida named Grant. He's all old now and has gone on a mission (to Japan!) and is married and sings with BYUVocalPoint and I love him. His mom writes a great blog here. She writes about twue wuv and how to keep it alive. So you should check it out. I'm kinda starting to feel bad I didn't get to know Sister Mona when I lived in Florida - she is a neat lady. And I pretty much adore her whole family.

Sparrow and I have had a nice week of doing absolutely nothing. We've watched more movies this week than we have in his entire life combined, I think. Lots of Lilo and Stitch, the Lion King, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Good stuff. Next week we're back to reality - going places, doing things, coloring, reading, cooking, playing in the park, meeting friends, music class. We just needed a break this week.

Service Soapbox: Teddy Bear Den Babyless Shower

06 April 2010
On April 24th, a bunch of Utah bloggers are getting together to do Some Good. Sue and Becca are hosting a Babyless baby shower to benefit the March of Dimes' Teddy Bear Den.

Here is what the Service Soapbox website has to say about the Teddy Bear Den:

The Teddy Bear Den helps to prevent birth defects by giving low-income women baby-related incentives (diapers, baby clothes, wipes) for participating in prenatal care and for avoiding unhealthy behaviors like smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

Grab a pack of diapers (or a case!), baby clothes, blanket, or anything else baby related (see the wish list here), and join us as we gather baby items for the March of Dimes Teddy Bear Den. Come socialize with your fellow bloggers and enjoy food, door prizes and lots of fun. (There are going to be some AMAZING door prizes.) (I'm not kidding.)

The week after the event, we'll be holding a virtual shower. Anyone who donates baby items to the Teddy Bear Den will be eligible to win great prizes from Ulta, Bellybuds, Minutes with Me, GiftTree, Target and more. (And can I just say - so many wonderful companies are responding with generous donations of baby items for the Teddy Bear Den - it is truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of generosity.

This is going to be crazy-fun! Even if you can't come to the event, consider donating to the virtual shower. I know money is tight with these economies, but it's such a great cause.


02 April 2010
GAH. BYU advisors are IDIOTS. I spent two days on campus a few weeks ago, and not one person told me I had a hold on my account. So when I went to register for classes today...

There were naughty words said.

I had to drag Sparrow to campus with me, and then had to visit approximately 50 locations to get one stupid form filled out. No one knew where I was supposed to go, so they all lied. I hate them. HATE.

When I finally got the form, I had to go be counseled. Because I was on academic warning. Because the last time I was in school, I was a seventeen year old junior and terrified that I was going to graduate in two years with no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Now I am waiting for the hold to be removed. If it's not gone by tomorrow, heads are going to roll.

(For the record, Sparrow was fantastically well behaved on campus and flirted mercilessly with all the girls. He also got his very own BYU sippy cup (I was desperate; I forgot his real sippy cup at home) and got to high-five Cosmo the Cougar, which apparently was the highlight of his day.)