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A day of Awesome.

30 April 2010
Today more than made up for the seven shots on Monday (still not over that, by the way.)

Today I got lucky enough to be a volunteer at BYU Women's Conference. This is a two day conference that hosts around 60 gazillion women (an estimation) each year. There's lots of different classes on lots of different topics with lots of different speakers, and its basically made of awesome. I was able to attend in 2007, but haven't been able to go since. I attended classes on Thursday and then today was working hospitality in one of the buildings.

Just being able to attend was amazing, but being able to volunteer was even better. I tried to smile at everyone who came by, and was even able to help a random student who came to our building looking for the Nursing advisement center since I was just there two weeks ago. The classes I was covering were small, so during the last one I was able to sneak out and visit the BYU bookstore where I met...

G.G. Vandagriff and her hubby David Vandagriff! I was thrilled because I have actually been in touch with GG and talked with her a little bit about depression and stuff. I felt like a total stalker, but I was so excited to meet the Vandagriffs and put faces to their names. Brother Vandagriff wrote the best book on the Atonement of Christ that I have ever read, and it seriously changed my life. Squee!

I was also able to find a new (to me) author, Rachelle Christensen. She wrote a suspense novel called Wrong Number and I just spent the last few hours trapped in it. It was really fantastic, and it was also just really neat to meet another writer. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about getting into writing as well, so that was awesome.

Then I got to meet Lisa Mangum, who wrote The Hourglass Door. I read it several months ago, but I remember it kept me up all night. I could not put it down! I would say it is like Twilight, if Twilight had been well written and also way more awesome. As a side note, apparently The Hourglass Door is coming out in paperback next week and will be at Walmart, so buy it!

And THEN I was able to get a beautiful picture of Christ signed by the artist, Liz Lemon Swindle. Hawk can't get mad at me because you can never have too many pictures of Christ. Oh my yes. And THEN I got interviewed for BYU-TV. And THEN when I got home, Sparrow was so happy to see me he practically flew at me. And THEN I got to have Chinese takeout for dinner and ate it while reading. It was an awesome day.

But I left out the best part.

The best part is: I parked on BYU campus in the graduate student parking without a sticker of any kind. I knew I would get a ticket, but I parked there because there was a spot and I was very, very late. I resigned myself to paying the ticket later on in the day. When I left campus, I plodded to my car and peered at my windshield, searching for that neon green envelope of doom.

I didn't get a ticket today.

Pretty much? It was the best day ever.

3 comments to A day of Awesome.:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Wow, it does sound great. Thank goodness we have really good ones every once in a while to help us through the tough ones!

Nisha said...

Yay for a god day!! I would love to borrow that book from you if you own it....you know, some day, when I make time for leisure reading.

Jen said...

Kestrel, thanks for stopping by my blog and for letting me know about my mis-spelling! Of course I'm not offended - I totally appreciate it! IT's the old I before E rule! LOL! Thanks again!