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A good day.

16 April 2010
Today was pay day. HOORAY!! We got to buy milk, and bread, and gas, and birthday presents for Hawk (his birthday is at the end of the month) and maybe a cookie or two. Phew.

It was a nice day outside (72F) so we opened our glass door that leads onto our deck. Sparrow was so excited he barreled straight into the screen door and knocked it down. It scared him, so he cried for about 1 minute and then he sniffled, tried to pick up the door and said "door broken, I fix it!" It was so cute.

Once the door was back up, Sparrow came over to me and said "Mommy, hands?" He gently took both my hands and led me outside. He did the same to Hawk. Then he went back inside and got Panda and Bamboo, the cats - "kitty, hands? Let's go! Let's go!" We all sat on the deck and talked and Sparrow danced and laughed and played and we enjoyed the springtime air. Panda jumped off the deck and landed on his face (he's fine.)

We played outside till it was bedtime. I love springtime.

I also love this giveaway, but don't enter it because I want to win! I have never had anything even remotely resembling a makeover before (I don't even know how to put on makeup - no really. It's sad.) so I totally have my fingers crossed on this one. This is a new-to-me blog and I really like Lola's writing style. Plus her photography is incredible. Oh, and her little boy is just about the most incredibly adorably handsome child I have ever seen. Those eyes. Sheesh!

3 comments to A good day.:

the Lola Letters said...

Awww, you're so sweet!
I think my little dude is pretty yummy too ;)

I would love to have you along for the art gallery! I will let you know what day I'm coming up and you can totally meet me there!

K La said...

I entered twice. If I win, I will give it to you!!

TimikaE_Harkey said...

很喜歡你的blog哦...加油唷 ........................................