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02 April 2010
GAH. BYU advisors are IDIOTS. I spent two days on campus a few weeks ago, and not one person told me I had a hold on my account. So when I went to register for classes today...

There were naughty words said.

I had to drag Sparrow to campus with me, and then had to visit approximately 50 locations to get one stupid form filled out. No one knew where I was supposed to go, so they all lied. I hate them. HATE.

When I finally got the form, I had to go be counseled. Because I was on academic warning. Because the last time I was in school, I was a seventeen year old junior and terrified that I was going to graduate in two years with no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Now I am waiting for the hold to be removed. If it's not gone by tomorrow, heads are going to roll.

(For the record, Sparrow was fantastically well behaved on campus and flirted mercilessly with all the girls. He also got his very own BYU sippy cup (I was desperate; I forgot his real sippy cup at home) and got to high-five Cosmo the Cougar, which apparently was the highlight of his day.)

2 comments to Issues!:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Jeffy has accumulated quite a collection of sippy cups due to his mommy's forgetfulness! And more than one of them is pink. Hee hee.

Good luck with school!

上興上興 said...