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My how times have changed

09 April 2010
I've been thinking lately on how old I feel. It's been six years since I graduated high school. Here I am, married with a two year old. Um, when did I become an adult? Yuck.

I have a hard time with this transition. Every once in a while my heart rebels. I want to be 18 and crazy and single and childless again, because sometimes I really do miss it. Hawk is an amazing husband and father and I love him, but I also miss the freedom I used to have, that I don't think I'll get back till Sparrow is grown. Bummer.

Anyway, I had a friend in Florida named Grant. He's all old now and has gone on a mission (to Japan!) and is married and sings with BYUVocalPoint and I love him. His mom writes a great blog here. She writes about twue wuv and how to keep it alive. So you should check it out. I'm kinda starting to feel bad I didn't get to know Sister Mona when I lived in Florida - she is a neat lady. And I pretty much adore her whole family.

Sparrow and I have had a nice week of doing absolutely nothing. We've watched more movies this week than we have in his entire life combined, I think. Lots of Lilo and Stitch, the Lion King, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Good stuff. Next week we're back to reality - going places, doing things, coloring, reading, cooking, playing in the park, meeting friends, music class. We just needed a break this week.

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