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Baby Animal Birthday Party!

05 May 2010
On April 24th, we went to the baby animal birthday party at Thanksgiving Point. It was tons of fun, despite being crazy busy. We had a great time!


We saw this brand new baby horse take its first steps. I almost melted of the cuteness.


This baby goat was so soft and so sweet!


Hawk and Sparrow rode the cow train (a bunch of small cars hooked up to a tractor.) Sparrow had a blast, but I took this picture when the ride was over, and he was mad that he had to get out of the car.


This was after waiting in line for 45 minutes to ride the ponies. Sparrow had a nice little resting place on my shoulders.


Finally he got to ride a pony! Hawk and I were so proud - Hawk walked next to Sparrow for about 60 seconds, and then stood over by the side. Sparrow was able to ride his horse all by himself for the first time! There was a moment of panic when I could tell he was slipping, but he corrected himself quickly and he was fine. It was awesome.


He loves those ponies!


We stayed for about two hours, and when we left I snapped this picture of the baby pony who was already running around and chasing his mommy. So cute!

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