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Giggle giggle

20 May 2010
Hawk doesn't get enough airtime on this blog, and so for your reading pleasure, I give you a conversation we had last night while lying in bed.

M: I read this crazy thing in the Book of Mormon about this guy, and he was bad, and he lead a war party, and then when they lost, some soldier chopped his scalp off and was like "Nyyaaah I have your head on a sword!" And the guy kept trying to keep the war going! Dumb. Also, Captain Moroni is awesome. Did you know he was only twenty five when he fought that war?

H: Yeah, he was a cool guy. He died pretty young, when he was in his 50s. I guess the stress of the wars got to him.

M: Um, 50s back in ancient times was not young. It was pretty old.

H: No, actually, I read somewhere that King Benjamin lived to be in his 90s.

(long discussion about 50s being really old back in the ancient ancient times)

M: Whatever. So how did Moroni die?

H: Old age.

Oh it was funny. Maybe you had to be there, but after at least 5 minutes of him staunchly defending his knowledge of the fact that ancient Indians lived to be much older than their 50s, and then not even missing a beat with "old age"... oh. It made me giggle.

Sparrow also made me giggle today. He likes to sing the "Hello Song," which he has learned from Music Together. This morning it went something like this.

"Hewwo, Sparrow, go gwada see you, hewwo, Mommy, so gwada see you. Hewwo, Daddy, so gwada see you, hewwo, auntie, so gwada see you, hewwo, fire truck, so gwada see you hewwo, drink, so gwada see yoooooooou."

4 comments to Giggle giggle:

Nate said...

I'm glad I provide the world with amusement. :)

The Writer said...

You made me curious.

Captain Moroni lived to be about 45 years old.

According to Wikipedia (which claims to have drawn the information from the Encyclopedia Brittanica), the average life expectancy for pre-Columbian North America was 25-30 years old (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_expectancy#Life_expectancy_variation_over_time).

Kestrel said...

See? So he WAS old. That's what I was trying to say all along. So there.

Muriel said...

Haha, that sounds like something my dad (or even I) would do. I guess it runs in the family :)