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Antigravity Yoga

20 June 2010
So there is this amazing form of yoga called antigravity yoga. It's basically doing yoga in a hammock. Now, I am not the skinniest sister on the block, but I feel totally safe and supported in the hammock. (At my size, that's a big deal.) I can't do all the yoga poses, some because I'm just not strong enough and some because it would cause problems with my body, but I can do a lot. I have gone to classes about 6 times, and every time I see some sort of improvement. This last time, I was able to do the wheelbarrow position - you get your ankles trapped in the hammock and support yourself on your arms, keeping your body straight like a plank, and then you do crunches. Holy Canada, it's hard, but boy do I feel strong now!

Of course yesterday I could hardly move for soreness.

Anyway, it was only a couple of classes ago that I was able to do an inversion for the first time. I am still so proud of myself for finally getting brave enough to try it.

There is nothing in the world like antigravity yoga. It is amazing. I would do it every day if I could - and someday, I want to build a house with a hammock in the basement so I can! Sparrow and I are starting a Parent/Child class on Monday and we are both so excited. If you are in the Salt lake area (or heck, even just in Utah - it's worth a long drive!) come to Imagination Place on 3300 S in Salt Lake, and we'll hang out. Ha ha. But no really, you should try this!





3 comments to Antigravity Yoga:

Leah said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

AAAAAHH! That looks scary!

哲維維 said...