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What an awesome day!

10 June 2010
Hi everyone, Sparrow here.


I know I don't look super happy in this picture, but boy, I just had the best day ever in my whole life!

Mommy came in this morning and we got straight in the shower. Mommy let me play with the water for a little while as she got dressed, and then it was my turn to get dressed. I have new red plaid shorts and an awesome new red shirt. It has the British flag and it says ENGLAND on it. Mommy says it's the best shirt ever.

Then we went downstairs, and do you know who was waiting for me?

My NANA!!!


I was SO excited! And THEN, do you know what happened? Mommy got all my stuff packed up, and we went to Nana's car!!! I LOVE Nana's car. It's my favorite car in the whole world. And I got to ride in it!

Nana took Mommy and me to our weekly Music Together class! My teacher was there, and my friends J. and A. were there, and I got to run around and sing songs. And Nana sang songs with me. AND, today we got to play drums, and instruments, and shakers! I sang a song with a chorus line of "Let's go find him," and I ran around the room yelling "Go and find him! Go find him!," and Mommy and Nana laughed. I had a great time.

After music class, Mommy took Nana and me to the pet store and we saw the cute puppies, birds, bunnies and fishes. My favorite are the fishes. Mommy held a parrot and let me touch it. I didn't like it very much.

We got back in Nana's car (Nana's car!!!!) and went to Payless Shoes. Mommy and Nana didn't find any shoes for them, but Nana bought me really neat new sandals. They have cars on them, and they light up! Then I got to get some sunglasses and I look way cool in them, dude.

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I got a yummy quesadilla and horchata to drink. I loved the salsa too, I kept calling it soup!

After we ate, we went to ShopKo and Mommy and Nana found shoes for themselves. Mommy got some pretty new shirts that Nana bought for her. Mommy was so grateful and happy. Nana bought me a bucket hat so I don't get sunburned this summer.

Then we went to Sam's and Mommy bought me diapers (boring!), but after that we brought Nana to our house and showed her some new clothes Mommy got for me yesterday. Mommy says she was going to make cutoff shorts for me, but she decided it was easier and cheaper and faster to just buy some. My favorite is a pair of khaki shorts with white turtles on them. I showed Nana my new Radio Flyer wagon. Mommy and me took a three mile (1 hour) walk on Tuesday and I rode in the wagon the whole way - it was AWESOME!

Then Nana had to go, so I gave her a kiss goodbye. Now it is time for my nap. I will probably see Nana later again today because Mommy left her phone in Nana's car. Oops!

Wow, what an awesome day! I hope I can hang out with Nana (and her car!!!) again real soon!!

2 comments to What an awesome day!:

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Yay for having a great day! (and for having someone else to help entertain for a little while. :))

Faiver and Andrea said...

Sounds just like Toby!! :)